I’m back guys! My groin injury seems to be completely gone and I’ve been in the gym all week. I haven’t gained much belly fat because my metabolism is so high but I do feel a little out of shape. I always love that “pumped” feeling that you get when you had a great workout and I’ve missed that for the last week or so. Today, we will focus on the best exercises to lose belly fat for the week.

I’ve decided also to do weekly installments to talk about my exercises and my belly fat tips instead of daily. From now on, every weekend I will post a recap of the week. I keep a notebook with me at all times in which I jot down my exercises and my diet for the day. So, for now on, I will just transfer what is in those pages to here at the end of the week.

Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

It helps me out too because work has been really hectic lately and being able to come home every day, get to the gym, study and then write out a daily entry is difficult at times.

But enough about that stuff, you’re here for my workout schedule on the best exercises to lose belly fat, so here it goes.

1.) 1st Day, Intense leg workout

I’m not the type to ease my way back into my workout routine. I like to go full speed or else I feel like I cheated myself.

As far as what I ate, for breakfast I had scrambled eggs with toast and a bowl of pineapples with strawberries. For lunch, I had myself a protein shake (wasn’t in the mood to cook) and for dinner I had roasted turkey breast with salad and corn.

Exercises time: I started off with squats. I love squats because they are such a full body exercise. The full body exercises are the ones that are best for burning belly fat because so many groups of muscles are needed to perform the exercise.

Many people ask how it is a full body exercise. Well, obviously, your legs are needed for the exercise. But besides your legs, you have to contract your abs to keep yourself balanced as well as the arms and upper body.

I then went on to do leg presses. The leg presses further isolate my glutes and quads which are very important muscles for my punches. Once again, these muscles, having such a great surface area require a lot of energy to work which translates to more fat burned by me.

After my last set on the leg press, I left 4 plates on each side of the machine and did calf raises by putting the balls of my feet on the edge of the leg press platform.

Followed that up with a little jump rope to get all the lactic acid carried out.

Remember, if you want your own workout program, click on the banner to the right “5 Tips to Get A Flat Stomach” as it was written by Mike Geary who is an absolute expert when it comes to full body exercises not only to burn belly fat but to increase strength.

2.) 2nd Day, Rest day

Sunday’s have traditionally been my days of rest and times to get all my chores taken care of so I rarely go to the gym and today was no exception.

However, when it comes to my diet I don’t rest on this day. Being that my body is still sore from my leg workout, I consume a lot of protein to make sure my muscles are nourished and able to repair.

I had 3 protein shakes and for lunch and dinner I had a chicken Caesar salad.

3.) 3rd Day, Shoulders

I like to do shoulder exercises on Monday’s because Monday is the day when everyone and their mother likes to go to the gym after the weekend and they usually like to do a chest workout. So, in the interest of not having to wait for some dickhead to take all day to finish, I just do my shoulder exercises.

It’s difficult to eat healthy when I work because I’m always in such a rush. This is why for breakfast I had a Muscle Milk and a bag of peanuts. For lunch, I had two slices of pizza and for dinner I had another protein shake.

Once I got to the gym, I started by doing a few rounds of shadow boxing to loosen up my shoulder muscles. After that, I headed over to a bench so I could do some shoulder presses. From there, I went over to the cables machine and did various shoulder exercises such as front raises, X’s, Y-raises and rear delt movements.

After the shoulder workout I put on an intense beat song and do decline sit ups for the entire song which usually comes out to about 250 sit ups.

4.) 4th Day, Off days

Tuesday through Thursday are usually my travel days for work so I try to sneak in 50 push ups a day but it gets difficult.

5.) 5th Day, Leg Workout!

Went back to the leg workout. Really want to test my groin and see if it’s 100%.

Breakfast- Muscle milk and a bagel. Lunch- Subway cold cut combo footlong. Dinner- Grilled chicken on salad.

For my workout I combined some strength training with plyometric. Since all of the squat racks were occupied, I jumped onto the leg press machine. I decided to truly test myself and threw on 10 45lb plates on each side. I did 3 sets of 5 at this weight and then did calf raises.

After that, I grabbed two 25lb plates and did soldier lunges with them.

From there, I did my plyo exercises which really help to lose belly fat for me. I did frog leaps, leaped over a 3 foot high step and then did explosive leaps as high as I could.

I then did 120lb crunches on the machine.

If you are really looking for a great workout program which I basically based my entire workout on, check the banner in the right hand panel of this page because it’s full of great info.

Next week, How to really lose belly fat!

I’ve been invited to show off my abs in a photo shoot in May so for the next month I’m really going to be cutting my belly fat down to bare minimum. I want my abs to show nicely!

So, in the next few weeks, my workouts and diet will get a lot more intense.

-Thanks a lot for reading my article “Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat for the Week”. Hopefully, you read and enjoy it. Have a good day!

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I’m back guys! My groin injury seems to be completely gone and I’ve been in the gym all week. I haven’t gained much belly fat because my metabolism is so high but I do feel a little out of shape. I always love that “pumped” feeling that you get...