First thing to think about when you serve in table tennis. It is very important in table tennis to think about the kind of service you will do. Here, we will focus briefly on table tennis tips for beginners.

Of course, you have to think about:

– the kind of spin

– the length

– the placement of the table according your tactic, the opponent placement,…

Here is my best table tennis tips:

– Think about the criteria of success…

Let me explain: If you want to make a short serve behind the net, you will need to touch the ball at the level of the net, and the first bounce on your side must be as close as possible to the net.

If you want to play long serve and fast, you will need to touch the ball as close as possible to the level of the table, and the ball must jump as close as possible to your base line.

Common mistake is to focus on the result – the second bounce- and not on what you have to do,to make a good short or long serve…If your the first bounce is correct, the second will be correct automatically…

table tennis tips

Here, I’ll focus on 7 High Level Success in Table Tennis Tips

If you really wonder what it takes to reach the top level in table tennis, here are the 7 keys ( 7 Tips ) you must respect.

1. ) Physical and technical abilities:

You need to be fast, not only with the arm, but also with your legs. Table Tennis being the fastest ball sport on earth, you need this quality. You will develop after, your aerobic capacity.

2.) Training group/ training center:

 If one partner is a minimum for practice, you will need a group of several players, from 4 to 10, to develop your skills against different styles and playing system.

3.) Coach:

You will need a coach or even several coaches during your career. Actually No One managed to reach the top level without a good coach. Why several? Because each coach has a personal talent for a specific topic like tactic, technique, mental, motivator, etc…

4.) Training & good League championship:

Basically you need 10,000 hours of “Play” in 10 years, it must be a good mixing between training and official competition. Good competition like a strong league is the problem in many big countries, like US, Australia, Canada, etc. and often is an advantage for Nation like Germany, France, and Sweden…

5.) Parents or social surrounding:

You will need to have a good support from your parents if you want to reach the top. Support but reasonable involving. They will not replace the coach, support you in bad and good times and be there as your family.

6.) School:

Do not think that you have to drop school to play table tennis. Like Jean Michel Saive told me once, every pro player has 2 hours every day to let his brain work. It will help to grow as an human being for his post career. For junior players, they need also to study, with some arrangements probably. It will develop character and they will need to learn to use 100 % the present moment.

7.) Mind and Mental Strength:

Table Tennis is the most stressful sport on earth, and if you do not develop this skill or reinforce it, unfortunately, you will not do it.

To have these 7 principles in mind will help you to figure out what it takes to reach the top International level.

Now we focus here, 5 Table tennis Tips for better serve:

Table tennis Tips for Serves:

Tips 1: if you want to give spin into the ball, learn to “brush” the ball.

Tips 2: learn to accelerate with the wrist and not the low-arm

Tips 3: it is a circular movement, so the speed in a point depends on the radius…closest to the handle you touch the ball, less spin is in the ball.

Tips 4: always make the same movement in the “preparation phase” to hide your service till the last moment.

Tips 5: train always 2 “opposite” serves…”short in the forehand- long in the Backhand” or “no spin-lots of backspin”…

Here we focus on the top 5 table tennis training tips

If you want really to improve your game and get maximum results from your training in competition, then you must follow these principles

Table tennis tips 1– Improve your serves (always to have 1 serve and it’s opposite…)

Table tennis tips 2– Train you’re receiving/returning (more safe, more aggressive, better placements…)

Table tennis tips 3– Practice your first ball after serve: better will be your serve, better you will know where and how the ball, will come back, you need to be active on this ball and take the initiative

Table tennis tips 4– Practice your second forehand topspin: usually first topspin is with rotation , second will be more aggressive

Table tennis tips 5– Improve your balance and footwork: first react with the feet and move to the appropriate position, then play the balls

Remember, at least 70 % of all your points will be on the first 3 balls: service, opening topspin/loop , fast topspin… (Especially at beginner or intermediate level)

Practice in the Training what you use in competition. Thanks a lot for reading my article – Table tennis tips for beginners. Hopefully, you read and learn these tips very easily. I wish you good luck. Have a great day!

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First thing to think about when you serve in table tennis. It is very important in table tennis to think about the kind of service you will do. Here, we will focus briefly on table tennis tips for beginners. Of course, you have to think about: - the kind of spin -...