Have you heard of the brand new and best tennis elbow treatment program, tips and plan that you can do at home? Here , we will focus briefly on tennis elbow treatment. You don’t have to go on suffering from tennis elbow for months or years when you can treat tennis elbow at home naturally in just 7 easy steps without the need for Doctors, painful cortisone shots, wearing a useless tennis elbow brace, or wasting money on medical gadgets and devices.

Here we will show you simple steps which are completely pain free so you get the safest and most effective treatment options for your elbow pain that really works – all from the comfort of the chair you are sitting on right now!

Far too many people who suffer from tennis elbow symptoms waste their hard earned cash trying to treat it with methods that are nothing more than “temporary pain fixes” or “band aid” solutions that give you a false sense of hope that your elbow is getting better.

You don’t have to take time out of your busy day sitting in a Doctor’s office who most likely doesn’t specialize in lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow treatment, only to be told to go and purchase a tennis elbow brace, ice your arm numb twice a day and then pop pain medication every few hours!

There are so many websites on the internet nowadays that claim to have the magic bullet, pill or potion to quickly cure your tennis elbow overnight. If you come across these types of sites, exit them fast!

Of course there are steps you can take to help improve and speed up your recovery from tennis elbow but let me tell you that it will take just a small commitment on your part to overcome it. No you won’t have to break a sweat or join any sort of fitness center. I’m talking about proven methodologies that are backed up by research and stamp approved by the Professional medical community at large.

But before I reveal what these strategies are, you need to learn a little more about tennis elbow and what works and what doesn’t. Otherwise you could end up trying to treat your tennis elbow for years and all you’ll have to show for it is a smaller wallet combined with a room filled with useless medical gadgets and devices.

Consider the following questions as an overview of the most common obstacles tennis elbow sufferers are faced with:

Are anti-inflammatories and pain medication a good treatment for tennis elbow?

What most people don’t even realize about tennis elbow is that inflammation is part of your healing process. When you take anti-inflammatory pills, you are actually fighting your body’s natural healing mechanism in trying to repair the torn tendon in your elbow. Sure they help in reducing your pain and symptoms but you are doing yourself no favours in the recovery department.

That is not how your treatment should be carried out. Many individuals think that if they could only decrease their pain and symptoms, their injury will somehow magically heal on it’s own. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to treating tennis elbow.

One of the first things you need to do in order to successfully treat your elbow is make the commitment to follow the R.I.C.E principles. R stands for rest, I stands for ice, C for compression and E is for elevation.

When referring to R – rest, it doesn’t mean to just to on your couch, take a week off work and do nothing. You need to keep moving your arm, just avoid activities that causes strain on your elbow. When implementing I – ice, apply ice to your elbow twice a day for 10 minutes. It works not only for pain control but helps control inflammation.

To perform C – compression, get yourself an elastic bandage and wrap your elbow. Not so tight that it cuts off the circulation but just enough to give your affected a little support. This also tells others to avoid striking your injured arm. And last but not least E – elevation. Get yourself a nice soft pillow and prop your elbow up on it whenever you are sitting. This will help decrease swelling and inflammation.

The bottom line is that if you want your treatment to be a success, you must follow the R.I.C.E principles. These are basic healing principles that work and apply for any sort of soft tissue injury and not just tennis elbow.

What about treating tennis elbow with an elbow brace?

And don’t get me started on elbow braces. Your chances of recovering from tennis elbow while wearing an elbow brace, band or strap is about as good as winning the jackpot on a Las Vegas slot machine twice in a row. Seriously all these devices are good for is to warn people around you to avoid bumping into your injured arm. They simply do NOTHING to accelerate your healing time. Save yourself some money and don’t get sucked into purchasing these gadgets.

Perhaps endless sessions of Physical Therapy will do the trick to help treat your tennis elbow?

My take on it is that it can work but if you don’t have extended medical insurance or are simply short on time or cash, then Physio is not the way to go. I know of many individuals who spent well over $1000 on treatment but had yet to recover. The crazy thing about Physio is that your therapist can’t even guarantee that you will respond to his/her treatment.

Is Shock wave therapy an effective means of treatment?

Shock wave therapy is not always an option for many sufferers. These machines can be quite expensive and are mostly found in top hospitals or private clinics. What happens is usually 3 to 6 electrodes are applied to your elbow region and high energy shock waves are sent to the soft tissue structures of your elbow. It is meant to improve blood flow to your elbow area and provide pain relief at the same time.

Does it hurt? As someone who has experienced this type of therapy, I would say that the pain is similar to that felt when you get a tattoo. After the treatment is over, you can expect to have some reddening of the skin and possible bruising.

Shock wave therapy can also be quite expensive. You can expect to pay at least $250 per session and for most sufferers, you will require more than one session depending on the severity of your tennis elbow and how well you respond to it.

What’s the deal with cortisone shots, should I get one?

Study after study has found that the worst thing you can when trying to recover from tennis elbow is take a cortisone shot. Sure they can be effective in the short term and your affected elbow feels like new again but wait just a few weeks and I guarantee you will be back visiting the same Doctor that gave you the shots. And for most people, your tennis elbow pain will be significantly worse.

The reason being is that a few days after the cortisone shot, your elbow is feeling great and you have that urge to get back to all your favourite sports, hobbies and activities that you were contributing to your elbow pain. Most people give into this urge and this is when you cause more damage to your elbow without even knowing it.

Should you just “wait it out” and see if your elbow gets better on it’s own?

The short answer is yes. But it can take up to a full year for your tendon to fully repair itself without any form of treatment. It is fact that your tendons don’t receive very much blood flow to begin with. When you suffer from an injury such as tennis elbow, blood supply is vital for the tendon to thicken and become strong again. Sitting around waiting for this to happen is like watching the grass grow.

Complete rest and immobilization of your injured arm when it comes to tennis elbow is your enemy. You need to keep your arm moving without doing anything that aggravates the soft tissues in your arm. Avoid any and all kinds of heavy lifting or actions that are repetitive. Many people are simply unaware that even the most basic chore such as taking your trash to the curb is enough to cause more swelling and damage to your elbow tendons.

This is just another reason why you really need to know what you are doing when it comes to treating and making a full recovery from tennis elbow. Otherwise you may find yourself laying on the operating table undergoing tennis elbow surgery which can cost a fortune not to mention the costs associated with numerous Physical Therapy appointments.

What’s the next step and where should you go from here?

If you don’t take the time right now today to seek a proven method that addresses the root cause of your injury, you will NEVER get control of tennis elbow. It could develop into a chronic condition where you could literally spend years trying to recover.

Simple tasks such as opening the lid on a jar of jam, carrying grocery bags or even gripping a coffee mug without worrying about whether you are going to spill it and burn yourself, can become impossible to do. Do you really want to let your tennis elbow get so bad that you become dependent on others for these basic daily tasks?

The fact of the matter is that you can cure tennis elbow and treat it from the comfort of your own home using simple everyday items already found in your home or garage. And the best part is that these simple tennis elbow treatment exercises and techniques only take a few minutes every other day and your elbow pain will be gone in as little as 72 hours – guaranteed!

So if you don’t want to sit on the sidelines because of tennis elbow, while the rest of your friends and families enjoy themselves. Thanks a lot for reading my article – Tennis elbow treatment, need to know all tennis players. Hopefully, you read and enjoy it. Have great day!

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Have you heard of the brand new and best tennis elbow treatment program, tips and plan that you can do at home? Here , we will focus briefly on tennis elbow treatment. You don’t have to go on suffering from tennis elbow for months or years when you can...